It is recommended to have first a standard session before an aquatic session in order to ensure that no problems will appear in hot water for the greater safety of the patient.



The session lasts an average of 30 to 40 minutes in water (1 hour total).



The swimming pool in which the session is conducted is subject to strict hygiene standards. Therefore, the day of the appointment, you will be asked to take a shower before going in the pool. Shoes must be removed at the entrance of the room.

The following personal items are required:

–    swimsuit

–    shower gel

–    towel

–    ear plugs (if the patient needs it. We recommend it however)

–    rubber band for people with long hair (which can be attached)



The Process

The consultation takes place with the practitioner in the water. The patient will be fully placed on floats to be in a face up position. He will keep this position throughout the appointment while the osteopath will conduct its treatment.
The immersion time is approximately 30 minutes.



Pregnant woman (a specific treatment in hot water for pregnancy has been set up with the help of a midwife).

Hyper algesic pain eased by the discharge of immersion and passive mobilization reduced.

Overweight patients.

Patients simply tempted by the new experience of a consultation in hot water.



Open wounds, skin infections, lung infections, unstable blood pressures, significant emotional distress due to immersion.

The consultation may be canceled if you have any of these signs on the day of your appointment.