Anne-Charlotte DALLEE

Ostéopathe D.O. MROF n°1997

N°ADELI : 83 00 0208 5 | |

Sébastien COMBES

Ostéopathe D.O. MROF n°1996

N°ADELI : 83 00 0223 4 | |

Anne_Charlotte_DALLEE_Sebastien_COMBESAnne-Charlotte DALLEE
and Sébastien COMBES are both graduated from the High School Institut Supérieur d’Ostéopathie from Aix-en-Provence (13100 FRANCE).They have completed a full six year formation in order to offer their patients health security and quality.



Registre des Ostéopathes de FranceAs a charter of quality, they are members of the French Register of Osteopathy (Osteopath D.O. MROF), guaranteeing a compliance with the code of ethics for the greater respect of their patients. This designation is only reserved  to exclusive Osteopaths issued from recognized and approved schools, offering a recognition of the diploma at the European level.





They have also followed specialist training in:

    • Pediatric Osteopathy, offering to infants and young children appropriate techniques for their own physiology
    • Osteopathy of the pregnant woman
    • Aquatic Osteopathy
    • Sport Osteopathy

Thesis subjects presented to a jury

« Influences de l’inhibition de l’appui podal sur la posture », Anne Charlotte DALLEE Ostéopathe D.O. MROF (2010). Mention HONORABLE.

« Influences des troubles fonctionnels et organiques cardiaques sur la région cervicale » Sébastien COMBES Ostéopathe D.O. MROF (2010). Mention HONORABLE.

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