Andrew Taylor STILL, Founder and father of Osteopathy

Born in the late Nineteenth Century in the United States of AmericaOsteopathy is a philosophical and therapeutic concept. It aims to diagnose and manually treat mobility restrictions of the structures composing the human body, leading to functional disorders.

Osteopathy considers the whole person, based on a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology. On the principle of “cause and effect“, the osteopath investigates the body in search of “chains injury” to find the cause(s) of the patient’s complaint.


William Garner SUTHERLAND, Discovery of the cranial sphere

It was not until the early Twentieth century that Osteopathy arrived in Europe where it saw itself  recognized by the health authorities of our various neighboors (UK, Belgium, Switzerland). In France, the title of osteopath is recognized by the Health Ministry since 2002 and the studies of therapists since 2007.