Sequence of Acts


A session lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour. It is divided into several stages:

      • History: during the first consultation, the osteopath writes the history of his patient, a type of medical CV. This step is very important because it allows the practitioner to place the person in his whole context and help to understand the installation of injury mechanisms
      • Observation: thereafter, the therapist begins the observation phase. Ground support, back bends, and other scars
      • Tests: then he ‘scans’ with his hands the entire body investigating areas in search of mobility restrictions
      • Correction: the correction phase closes the consultation. On the reflection of cause and effect principle, the osteopath corrects diagnosed lesion chains

A session provides a great change in the patient’s pattern. It will take several days or even weeks to assimilate the treatment received. One or two additional sessions, according to the results, may sometimes be necessary depending on the person and disorders encountered.